In most mineral processes where there is a need for sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation then a flocculant or coagulant is often desired. The NASFLOC range offers a broad spectrum of products ensuring maximum performance and cost efficiency in these applications.

As Nasaco specialises in the mining industry it has built its flocculant range based on 20 years experience in the field and offers a range of products in the following categories:

Nasfloc 1000 seriesNon Ionic powder flocculants
Nasfloc 2000 seriesAnionic powder flocculants
Nasfloc 3000 seriesCationic powder flocculants
Nasfloc CD seriesDADMAC coagulants
Nasfloc CA seriesPolyamine coagulants

The NASFLOC range of performance flocculants and coagulants incorporates a broad distribution of charge density and molecular weight products to enable the treatment of most mineral processing slurries.

All of our flocculants are manufactured and supplied as powder form products which gives the benefit of low dosage, easy handling and cost effective shipment, whilst or coagulants are all liquid form products making them easy to apply to a process stream.

Our polymers are used in all the major mineral industry areas

  • Base metal
  • Precious metals
  • Coal and energy minerals
  • Industrial minerals

We understand there are a bewildering number of flocculants on the market and we have included a summary of products by application based on our experience, to help you choose products for initial product screening work. Once you have selected an initial product then we can assist you with further products from the extensive range of charge densities and molecular weights, in order to optimise your application.

To compliment our flocculant and coagulant range we also supply make down units  to give you the best possible performance from your NASFLOC product.

In mineral processing applications where sedimentation or centrifugation is required, the NASFLOC range offers ultra high molecular weight products, which ensure maximum performance and cost efficiency in the process.

 Our range of medium molecular weight NASFLOC polymers are particular effective on sedimentation applications, where high settlement rates are required, without sacrificing overflow clarities. These products are often the most effective choice when thickener underflow densities need to be well controlled.

Our lower molecular weight NASFLOC polymers are used as filtration reagents on applications such as vacuum filter or belt press applications. By using these low molecular weight flocculants the floc structure is strong enough to withstand the high-pressure conditions whilst developing a permeable structure allowing rapid water release.

Our range of NASFLOC polydadmac and polyamine coagulants are often used in conjunction with our flocculant range where high clay content substrates (or very finely suspended solids) require solid/liquid separation. The overall effect is very high quality supernatants with improved rates of solid/liquid separation.