[su_box title=”Nasaco International” style=”bubbles” title_color=”#ffffff”]Nasaco International was founded 30 years ago. It is a company focusing on the flotation process and is run by metallurgical engineers. Our basic philosophy is to solve flotation and mineral processing problems chemically by providing collectors, frothers,  depressants, flocculants and modifiers which are specific to different applications.

[su_animate type=”fadeInDown” delay=”0″] [su_note]We have the flexibility to supply the best product for your application. We are not limited by narrow product lines. We work with the leading chemical companies to ensure we deliver the best products, technology and support.

We provide solutions for the flotation of metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals and coal, as well as solid/liquid separation.[/su_note] [/su_animate]

[su_animate type=”flipInX” delay=”1″] [su_note] Our ongoing drive is to position ourselves as a Company supplying a total package of speciality mining reagents. 

Nasaco supports its products with technical service in terms of testing new and developmental products as well as developing custom products for individual mines. We are happy to advise and consult on the safe and effective use of our products. The work is carried out by a team of metallurgical engineers.[/su_note] [/su_animate]

[su_spoiler title=”OUR GOAL“] To give our clients the highest quality products and service ensuring the best performance and value.



[su_spoiler title=”A global player”]

[su_highlight background=”#fae4f8″]We are present in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. We have production facilities in South Africa and Poland and partnerships for production in the Netherlands, Germany and China.[/su_highlight]




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